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Our successful e-commerce solutions are built in 2 main versions (Basic and Advanced) which can be adjusted to fulfill your requirements.

BASIC version includes:

. Unlimited product variations with price and type (size, color, etc)
. Bundle Products (products made with other products)
. Clearance Listing
. Real Time Header Cart Contents
. Cart structure based on database tables
. Basic and advanced search engine included
. Dynamic store home
. Popularity chart for every product

. Open/Close store setting (enable/disable checkout)
. Store Survey
. Sell digital in order to distribute serials, download links, passwords, etc
. Several methods to distribute digital goods (email, create real time zip, download obfuscation)
. Unlimited products and category levels (category, subcategory, sub-sub-category, etc)
. Product main image, three secondary images and thumbnail image
. Categories thumbnail images
. One product can be assigned to several categories
. Product Personalization (customers can define a text string for custom engraved pens, etc)
. Category navigator (you are at ...)
. Some products can be prevented from displaying in listings (List Hidden feature)
. Wish List/Gift Registry in customers menu now with third-party order
. Out of stock Supplier alerts in Real Time
. Detailed Stock Tracking
. Full Customer Utilities menu
. Multiple customer types
. Customer registration form pre-purchase or automatic registration with first purchase
. Customer Order Tracking with order status view . Minimum purchase setting (customers must purchase more than £XX.XX to checkout)
. Retail and wholesale prices
. Special Prices for certain customers
. Out of stock messages
. Donation Items
.Unlimited different types of shipping calculations based on formulas (state, weight, total, etc)
. Billing and/or shipment address
. Auto-Change order status, stock and sales with Gateway Confirmation or manual signal
. Advanced Tax policies including tax per product and tax per Country
. Order confirmation by e-mail to customer and store administrator
. HTML outbound e-mails to customers
. Dynamic store news
. Dynamic Terms & Conditions page
. International Support (Currency and StoreFront Language)
. Import data from other systems

. Quantity/Price/Weight based discounts
. Affiliates per order feature with configurable commisions
. Gift Certificates (using discount codes)
. Reward Points
. Last Chance Listing (products close to sold-out)
. Unique troubleshoots server-side problems
. Off Line Payment with encryption and email notification for Credit Card capture
. Availability Time Estimation
. WAP Catalog utility for Cell Phones and PDAs
. Invoice delivery at payment confirmation with Silent Response (, PayPal, 2Checkout, etc)
. What's new showing new products
. Customer order cancellation request
. Automatic Integration with Google Ad-Sense
. Customer Comparison between products . Multilanguage storefronts (one store per language using the same catalog)

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ADVANCED Version incudes

. Add/modify products to the catalog and change settings while the store is running
. Related Products (Cross Selling)
. Rental Products (Hotel reservations, DVD rental, etc)
. Email to a friend

. Product Reviews package with review rate and autoactivate or moderated mode
. Auction subsystem
. WAP Storefront (Browse, Purchase and Tracking) for Mobile Phones and PDA now with credit card payments
. WAP BackOffice (Products, Discounts, Orders and Statistics) for Mobile Phones and PDA
. Real Time Best Sellers listing
. Newsletter with auto-remove and the chance to win discount codes
. Custom Recommendations based on previous orders
. Back-Order for products with stock=0
. Affiliate auto-registration with code snippet and banner page
. Unique Software Serial Codes distribution
. Recurring Billing
. Currency Conversion (online and offline methods)
. Digital Goods Private Download from Customer Menu with Time Limit
. Compare with Amazon Prices

Contact us now and we will schedule a convient time for you to visit us and learn and discuss about ours e-commerce solutions without any obligation.


. Multi User with different permission levels
. Each User may have different views and permissions
. Private logins for Affiliates and Suppliers
. Friendly Home Page with shortcuts and notices
. Last Login information for security purposes
. Wysiwyg HTML Editor for products descriptions

. Clone product based on another existing product
. Dead products listing (products with no activity)
. Traffic Booster (generate HTML product details pages for Search Engines)
. Out of stock Listing
. Unlimited categories assignment
. Newsletter distribution when a new product is added
. Browser based file upload 100% developed in Vbscript
. Reset database utility (sales and customers, whole products database, etc)
. Generic database SQL Querys utility
. Store Newsletter distribution
. Easy Tax configuration for European countries
. Complete Serial Codes Management
. Reviews moderator utility
. Enable, disable or delete customers
. Encryption and Decryption Utility
. Export to Microsoft Excel: Products, Customers and sales
. Export orders to CSV file
. Reports and charts (stocks, sales, statistics, etc)
. Advanced Stock Report
. How Important is one product against the whole catalog
. Sales Forecasting using mathematical theory
. List orders with direct access to remote SSL credit card data (off-line payment methods)
. Suppliers private login with listing of their sales
. Links generator (products, categories, cart, etc)
. Enter orders from the BackOffice
. Print Invoices and Shipping Labels with BarCodes

. Print Product Labels with BarCodes
. Email Invoice delivery and digital goods distribution with Order Status change . Orders Roll-Back (stock, sales, etc)
. Update orders with Shipping Tracking and Transaction Results
. WAP BackOffice to manage some parts and view reports using a Cell Phone

Contact us now and we will schedule a convient time for you to visit us and learn and discuss about ours e-commerce solutions without any obligation.