Griersons's Office Manager

Grierson's Office Manager is a file management software package as against a case management package

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Case selection

The difference being that case management dictates to a lawyer how to run a case whilst file management allows for the recording of the life and events of a case without the requirement to run the case in a pre-determined manner.


Multilanguage support
Because Grierson's office Manager is a series of empty data bases into which the practice enters the data appropriate to its case work, then the software has a relevance in most countries so long as the front end labels are translated into the relevant language of the country (for now GOM is available in English, French and Chinese).

Reports menu

50 Reports embedded
The software has some 50 reports embedded into the program to provide for comprehensive data recovery and to aid financial management of the practice.

Word processing choice

Word processing support
Some 50 initial instruction sheets ensure that essential data is collected at the first client interview. Word processing and mail merge are an essential part of the package and to that end both Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect are accommodated for.

Link to Italax

Integration with Italax
Grierson's Office Manager and ITALAX are fully integrated to provide for a single entry process and no duplication of effort.

Link to Hotdocs

Integration with Hotdocs
Hotdocs is a Document Automation System. This process allows you to convert regularly used forms and documents (for example precedent letters) into intelligent, intuitive and interactive templates to streamline document production, lowering costs and improving accuracy.

Standalone functionality
Whilst Grierson's Office Manager and ITALAX are fully integrated, they can also function independently and can be purchased as stand alone software systems.