For the C.D.S. Lawyer:
UFN numbering is no longer an issue. Grierson's Limited have developed a process whereby each new Crime matter is allocated a unique file number relevant to the date of commencement of the matter. Should an error be made on the commencement date then the process automatically corrects the error and rectifies all other UFN's for that date.

C.D.S. 6 & 11
Avoid the time consuming process of completing CDS and any other L.S.C. forms. Grierson's Office Manger has developed links with HotDocs and Capsoft Limited to automate the completion of all L.S.C. and C.D.S. forms.

The International Bar Association
Under it's Members Rewards scheme the I.B.A. have recommended the use of Grierson's Office Manager to its membership world-wide. See and the "members rewards" section. A minimum of 10% reduction on UK costs to all IBA members with 40% discount available to certain countries.

Grierson's Office Manager is currently available in UK English, USA English, French, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The software will become available in other major languages over time.

Remember that Grierson's Office Manager is not "Legislation" sensitive and is therefore relevant to any Lawyer no matter where he practices.