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Whilst it would be nice to be able to say that we will charge ?!! to provide you with the e-commerce web site your require, that is simply not realistic.

We will charge you an economic amount for the production of your web site, based on your specification and meeting your requirements as to content.

We will discuss with you your requirements for your web site and we will confirm our charges for producing that web site based on our mutually agreed written specification of that content.

No additional charges will be introduced unless you request additional work outside of the mutually agreed specification but that additional work will also be mutually agreed and put into a written specification.

You will not be charged for any work we carry out to provide a written specification and written details of our charges for the web site you require. Charges will only be incurred when you have confirmed acceptance of our proposals and we have carried out the work required.

Contact us now and we will schedule a convient time for you to visit us and learn and discuss about ours e-commerce solutions without any obligation.