Building your E-commerce Solution

We deliver your e-commerce solution to the exact specification defined during your website needs analysis, then we test it for security and functionality.

We load the initial content of your website

This is defined in the website needs analysis and taken from various catalogues and information you provide us with.

Design, Branding, Navigation, Usability & Content Layout

We know through our vast experience most website users visit a website to find a specific piece of information, assisting the user to achieve this goals is paramount to a websites success. So, not only do we design your website to be visually impressive, we also design it to be Quick to display and Easy to use navigate and understand.

We have a strong design team to design your website to fall in line with your corporate identity.

Following our well developed usability principles, we construct your website to meet the needs of your users that have been clearly identified during the website's needs analysis.

Hosting your website and manage your email

We develop and maintain an ongoing domain, hosting and email solution for your company depending on your company needs. The cost is included in your hosting agreement.

We Train your staff to use your e-commerce solution

Training your staff is also very important to the success of your website, so we ensure that your website administrators are fully capable of operating your new e-commerce solution to the highest level. Our support staff are at hand to help with any difficulty.

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