Griersons E-Commerce Solutions


Our experienced consultants look at the needs of your business before we look at any web technologies that could be used on your website.

To assist us with the planning of your new website we ask question like:

E-Commerce Analysis
  • What are the primary and secondary goals of your website?

  • What kind of business are you in and how does your business work?

  • How do you currently market your business? why?

  • Who will come to your site and what are their needs?

  • What sites do you like and dislike? why?

  • Who are your competitors and what are their website address's?

  • What is your budget and time frame for the project?

Next we research and evaluate the information about your business:

  • Analyze your company, your market place and your competition.

  • Profile your users, how they perceive you and their needs.

  • Investigate what content should be included in the site and how this content should be written
  • .
  • Find out what online marketing is required to achieve your goals.

  • The staff of Griersons Ltd are well trained and experienced in evaluating and choosing web technologies and e-commerce software and we only recommend the very best solutions for your business, this process will help you make informed business decisions relating to your online presence, so that your company can take full advantage of its online potential

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